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Monthly Archives: March 2012

My new obsession with the colors blue and orange led me to make this pendant and earrings to match.  




I was given this beat up, chewed on, spilled on, stained up, hideously painted little side table and I decided I want to spruce it up so I can use it beside my desk in my studio.  My attention deficit disorder is pushing me to start that before I finish up the piano room but I am resisting the urge…it will have to wait!  but it is going to be fabulous when I get done with it!


I have to take pictures for my postings to Etsy during peak daylight hours so the colors of the jewelry look realistic, I am not always at home when the perfect opportunity presents itself but I got to take some today.


I looked and looked for a journal or book that I could use for my email addresses and website addresses but I never found one that I felt would serve the purpose.  So I found a funky journal with lined pages and made my own.  I used the Post-It tabs I found at Staples and wrote each letter of the alphabet on separate tabs and attached them to the edges of every couple of pages.  Then I added a bigger tab for notes near the end of the journal.  Now I have the perfect place to record the information I need for websites and addresses.

Image     Image


These fabrics by Amy Butler are beautiful…

    Didn’t I say I wanted orange fabric?

Amy Butler.

As you will find out, this is the epitome of my life!  I am hoping having a blog will make me focus on finishing everything (well a lot, one step at a time ) that I start.

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I will be experimenting with themes for my blog but don’t worry, I hope to settle on one soon!

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