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Ugly office chair I found while Goodwill shopping , I saw potential, really?? My husband just gave me “the look” when he saw me take it out of my car but I’m used to that look by now so I smiled and added it to the pile.  Of course I couldn’t move on to anything else until I took the chair apart, spray painted all the metal parts with hammered black, ripped off the ugly vinyl fabric, and sewed up a new cover.  I happened to have some beautiful teal vinyl that I bought a couple of months ago on a trip to Mary Jo’s with my sister.  I knew I would find a use for it eventually!  I think I will use this at my crafting desk, it is adjustable so it will fit great under the tall desk.  And by the way, my husband was mildly impressed with the result, but I think he was just trying to suppress his shock and awe at how much better it looks because he was embarrassed at his lack of faith : )



Double UGLY

Ahhhhh, much better





Before and After



ImageThese are a few of my recent finds that I plan on refinishing and repainting. The bookshelf is completed after waxing it and adding beadboard to the back. It turned out great and I’m hoping I find another one that is similar to paint a different color!

Just registered my Twitter account for WalkTheCreativePath! Check it out and follow me for updates on things I’m working on. I plan to tweet during my junk outings to get your opinions on my finds, would love to hear from you…

My twitter name is @walkthecreative so go now and start following!

I just love these!! Coastal Living gives step-by-step instructions on their website, I think these would be great carved into the foam pumpkins and then you could keep them year after year.

Carved pumpkins from Coastal Living!

Carve a Coastal Pumpkin! – Coastal Living.

We recently had our windows replaced and now I have a stack of old windows cluttering up the side of my yard.  My Dad said he wants them to make a greenhouse and I started researching that grand idea.  I think these photos of old window greenhouses gives me motivation to make one myself, maybe using my new nail gun, eh?


This is so fabulous!!! You can order these panels to dress up furniture, doors, cabinets, etc.  The possibilities are mind-boggling!

Decorative, lightweight, fretwork panels by O’verlays – IKEA compatible!.

Craftsman 16 ga. Finish Nailer Kit with Magnesium Body – Tools – Air Compressors & Air Tools – Nailers & Nail Guns

I decided I need this 16 gauge finish nailer from Craftsman in order to make a few simple pieces of  furniture that I need and can’t seem to find anywhere.  After looking online and comparing models I decided on this one sold at  Actually I bought a kit that contained three pneumatic tools including the finish nailer, a pin nailer, and  a brad nailer.  It was only about $20 more to buy the whole kit, what a deal!

I found a cute little six sided table while out thrift store shopping and thought I could paint  it and give it a new life. I think they were actually getting ready to throw it onthe trash!  I picked up some Annie Sloan chalk paint from a store in Charlotte, NC called Great Walls Supply, Inc. on my latest trip and decided to try it out on this piece first.

Here is the before…

And here is the after…

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