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Monthly Archives: March 2012

I have recently been experimenting with metal working and I was playing around with my tools and came up with this pendant, I really like it and I think I will try some more colors.  Also got my metal hole punch pliers today finally!  I searched 10 stores looking for one and finally just ordered it but came across one today while shopping at JoAnns’s Craft Store.  Guess I’ll have two now.

I came up with this bracelet design this morning, very subtle and sweet! Posted to


My neighbor asked me to paint a rooster on an old wicker sofa he had spray painted black.  I came up with this…



I had some extra cheap bookshelves that have adjustable shelving and I thought of something I could use them for, ribbon storage! I have tons of rolls of ribbon that I bought when I was in my crazy sewing stage and they were packed into a trunk so I decided to create a pretty display using the shelves.  I bought some of those small tension rods from the local dollar store and put the spools on the rods and then put them into the bookshelf after taking all the shelves out.  It works perfectly!


I made these at a friend’s request, hope she likes them!  I think they look classic and could be worn with lots of outfits.  Must make another for myself!

tan and silver leather bracelets

Tan and Silver Leather Bracelet Pair by JiggleLobes on Etsy.

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