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Just wanted to share a photo of the ingenious setup that my brother-in-law, Travis, created in his garage. He used wall hooks that he bought at Walmart to make a shelf for his PlayStation games and cut pieces of wood to mount the PlayStation to the wall. Isn’t is awesome?

He also framed in the opening to the double car garage and installed two sets of French Doors. On the inside he then covered the studs with rough cut boards after insulating the wall. It’s quite comfortable in there and we have really enjoyed the new space, especially movie night.

Painted this beautiful desk for a friend’s daughter…

It started out as really beat up and had two broken legs. The legs have me fits getting them repaired but after the third try I finally got them on sturdy enough to work. I added the glass knobs because several original knobs were missing.

Painted these chairs with Bay Sands by Valspar. Then I upholstered them with this pretty fabric. Fairly easy upgrade that took about 2-3 hours to complete.




Forgot to take a before picture AGAIN but I found this really ugly cabinet at a thrift store. It’s been sitting in storage for about a year so I took it out and started painting it yellow…

It was a pain in the rear trying to paint all those slats on the shutters and someone had installed them inside out but I kind of liked it that way so I didn't change it. Then I kept thinking I wanted to really do something crazy with this piece because its been a while since I've experimented with layering colors. I chose a pretty teal color over the yellow , just dry brushing it on. I made it heavier in places and it started looking really cool so I kept going…

I absolutely love it and it makes me want to do some other fun pieces and just go berserk with color and technique! Sometimes I think I should paint a color that a majority of people would like and I think that holds my creativity back. This was so satisfying to see a dull and drab piece of crap come to life with just paint. This is why I do what I do.

This is a project that is very time consuming but worth the hard work! It took me all day to make one wreath and made my hands sore, I think they turned out beautifully,however.



Close-up of bird …


Just got this one done, used Annie Sloan Antibes Green as a base coat and lime green kind of dry brushed over it…






Newly stenciled display cabinet I’m going to use to display fabric in at the booth. I used Royal Design Studio’s stencil to do the inside. Really don’t want to put anything in it, it looks so nice! Decided not to put the glass front doors in unless I end up making jewelry again and need the cabinet to lock.


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