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Boy do I need appliances, every one of mine are at least 15 years old and falling apart.  My oven timer sounds like a dying elephant every time it goes off and sometimes I can’t get it to shut off, it scares the neighbors.

My Mom came over last weekend and said “Lori, you know you are going to have to get a new refrigerator at some point?”  When my Mom says something like that ( her SpeedQueen dryer is over 40 years old…not kidding) then it is WAY past time to get a new refrigerator.   The thing leaks water in the freezer side and ice builds up on the bottom and I have to get the ice pick out to get the door closed, the drawers are all gone in the refrigerator side, everything freezes in the middle section of the refrigerator side so yes mother, it is time!

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