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Clark+Kensington™ Paint at Ace Hardware.


I love this brand of paint and I have painted with about every brand out there.  The finish is very smooth and coverage is great, I usually use two coats on the furniture I paint and I have never needed more than that.  It also seems to stick to most surfaces and after a day of curing it becomes very tough, truly the best “paint and primer in one” products I have used. One of my favorite colors is call Magic Spell, a rich, deep purple that almost looks like the color of mahogany wood.  Go try it out!

I find myself painting a lot of purple furniture lately but I don’t care, I love purple!!! Here are the latest…










I love this magazine, The Family Handyman.  This month they have an article about ways to save time when painting a room, some I have never heard of and I paint a lot.  It is more than worth the subscription cost and I am always going back to old issues when doing projects.


The Family Handyman Magazine

Painting-DIY Projects | The Family Handyman.

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