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My sister Susie and I went on another shopping excursion looking for flooring that met all her requirements…

1. Had to be flexible to accomodate the uneven subfloor

2. Had to be a light color

3. Had to be fairly easy to install

We found some great vinyl, groutable, stick-on tiles at Lowes that fit the bill.

12″ x 24″ Oyster Travertine Travertine Finish Luxury Vinyl Tile

12″ x 24″ Oyster Travertine Travertine Finish Luxury Vinyl Tile

First we rolled on some Kilz primer and then let that dry a couple of hours.

Then I began laying the tiles starting on the wall that will be most visible so that it would be straight in case the walls were not plumb, which since it is an old house they are definitely not plumb!


I was able to lay the tiles out without using spacers because I have a pretty good eye but they would help if you don’t feel comfortable not using them.  The process went smoothly and I didn’t have to do too much cutting because its a square room.  A utility knife cuts it very well.

ImageAfter all the tiles were laid I came back the next morning and started grouting with a special vinyl grout that is more flexible than regular grout.  The tiles look and feel like travertine marble, especially since it is grouted which makes it very hard to tell the difference!  This project was a huge success and I would recommend this product to anyone because of the ease of installation and at about $1.00 per square foot, you cannot beat the cost!



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