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This soap is great for getting out dried up paint on your paint brushes!  I tried it on some brushes I accidentally left in a bucket of paint and they were caked with dried up paint and really stiff.  I soaked them in a cup of pure undiluted Murphy Oil soap and after a little bit of manipulation they came out looking almost brand new!  Saved me a lot of money replacing the premium brushes I almost ruined!

Cleans Hardwood Floors, Paneling, Tables, Ceramic Tiles – Original Formula | Murphy Oil Soap.

I picked these up at Lowe’s and I am glad I did, they really help to paint the sides of whatever it is you want to paint by elevating it.


I am painting a piece of board that I am going to mount my antique paper cutter on so I can move it around whenever I need to.




I am going to paint my front door today!  I finished all the prep work yesterday and bought the paint, which is a dark turquoise color, and I am removing the hardware right now.  It has been red for about 10 years now and I saw some beautiful aqua blue pots at Lowe’s and it inspired me to go ahead and paint the door to match the pots.  I told you I have ADD!

This great tutorial from the DIY network is very helpful, I have always left the door on the hinges while painting but it is so easy to take it down. That makes it a lot easier to paint and keeps it from hitting the door frame before the paint dries.

How to Paint a Front Door : How-To : DIY Network.

I love this magazine, The Family Handyman.  This month they have an article about ways to save time when painting a room, some I have never heard of and I paint a lot.  It is more than worth the subscription cost and I am always going back to old issues when doing projects.


The Family Handyman Magazine

Painting-DIY Projects | The Family Handyman.

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