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Clark+Kensington™ Paint at Ace Hardware.


I love this brand of paint and I have painted with about every brand out there.  The finish is very smooth and coverage is great, I usually use two coats on the furniture I paint and I have never needed more than that.  It also seems to stick to most surfaces and after a day of curing it becomes very tough, truly the best “paint and primer in one” products I have used. One of my favorite colors is call Magic Spell, a rich, deep purple that almost looks like the color of mahogany wood.  Go try it out!

This summer has been a very busy one, I cannot believe the girls are already back at school!  Between helping my sister Susie and doing some work around my own house I have picked up quite a few skills! Here is a list of some the things I learned how to do:

1.  I learned how to tile a backsplash!

*Very easy, Can’t wait to do this in my own kitchen as soon as I get all new appliances and       countertops.

2.  I learned how to install a light fixture.

3. I learned how to install several types of flooring.

4. I learned how to grout tile.

5.  I installed drywall.

6. THIS IS A BIG ONE…I learned how to use a compound miter saw!!! My Dad lent me his and I LOVE this thing!! I have always wanted to learn how to use one and it has so many uses, especially for  my next learning experience…

7. I learned how to install molding.

8. I watched my window installer install our replacement windows. I think I could do it with help, definitely not a one person job.  Also requires knowledge of different types of construction, which I do not have YET.

9. I learned how to frame a wall.

10.  Last but definitely not least, I learned how to stand-up paddleboard!

This is the board I have, I love the blue color with the bamboo. It is 10’6″ long but is light enough for me to carry.

My dear husband, Steve, brought a SUP home as a 40th birthday surpise for me!  I have really wanted one for a while and I was so excited to see this thing on top of his truck.  It is so fun and is really good exercise, my legs were wobbly when I got off and my arms were sore from rowing!  It really works your core muscles too, I need a paddleboarding buddy though. It would be a lot more fun with at least one friend to go rowing with.

So, as you can see, I had a full summer of hard work, fun, and learning.  Now I’m off to paint the basement….

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