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Okay, I glazed the front door with a “mocha” glaze by Valspar and it turned out great!  The glaze actually made some of the blue paint come off when I rubbed the glaze off with a cloth and it looked pretty cool so I intentionally rubbed some of the paint off to let the red paint show through.


 Now I just have to let it dry completely, it is still a little tacky after 4 hours so I’ll just have to keep the door slightly open until it cures.  Again, the color in the photo is not exactly the actual color, the blue is a little greener but you can see the results of the technique…



I am going to paint my front door today!  I finished all the prep work yesterday and bought the paint, which is a dark turquoise color, and I am removing the hardware right now.  It has been red for about 10 years now and I saw some beautiful aqua blue pots at Lowe’s and it inspired me to go ahead and paint the door to match the pots.  I told you I have ADD!

This great tutorial from the DIY network is very helpful, I have always left the door on the hinges while painting but it is so easy to take it down. That makes it a lot easier to paint and keeps it from hitting the door frame before the paint dries.

How to Paint a Front Door : How-To : DIY Network.

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