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Noticed that this will be my 100th post, so exciting! Well not really, but it’s a pretty cool milestone at the very least.

I’ve been working on so many projects lately but I want to share one that I’m struggling with. This huge buffet/dresser has been a bit time consuming .

Now that most of the prep work is done and she is ready to paint I’m frozen with indecision on the color. I want to put it in my own house because all of the hard work has caused some attachment. I’m thinking gray or some shade of blue or even yellow.





I took the base and legs off and added new feet, it makes it look less formal than it did before, the finish was just awful and chipping off and half the veneer on the top was gone so I had to take the rest off. That was not easy, my friend Alice stopped by and helped. Without her I may have given up. The huge square “knobs” are fantastic and I’m going to keep these. They are very unique and add tons of character. I can’t wait to finally decide on a color and get her home!

I am going to paint my front door today!  I finished all the prep work yesterday and bought the paint, which is a dark turquoise color, and I am removing the hardware right now.  It has been red for about 10 years now and I saw some beautiful aqua blue pots at Lowe’s and it inspired me to go ahead and paint the door to match the pots.  I told you I have ADD!

This great tutorial from the DIY network is very helpful, I have always left the door on the hinges while painting but it is so easy to take it down. That makes it a lot easier to paint and keeps it from hitting the door frame before the paint dries.

How to Paint a Front Door : How-To : DIY Network.


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